Friday, 13 April 2012

Web Development: compress your code


When developing web documents, we should always take a close look at the size of the resulting code. While it is very important to keep things minimised in terms of file size, sometimes it's not easy just applying the usual rules, tips and tricks.
It is well known that, for example, it is a good habit to compress jpgs, and images and photos in general. At the same time, it is advisable to use minimised JavaScript libraries, such as reduced versions of jQuery or jQuery tools and plugins.

But sometimes, following all those simple rules could be not enough.
In those cases I've found an online tool which might be used to compress and minimise our code: HTML compressor.

Despite the name, HTML compressor can minimise different code type:
1) x/html;
2) x/html + ASP, PHP or Smarty;
3) CSS;
4) CSS + ASP, PHP or Smarty;
5) JavaScript;
6) JavaScript + ASP, PHP or Smarty;
7) Blogger.

There are plenty of options which give us a full control on the way the code is processed. And after the job is done, in order to evaluate the resulting file size, a compression ratio is shown.
In addition, when outputting the compressed code, the tool gives us eventual warnings or errors encountered during the process.

I believe that HTML compressor might be really handy in some situations. Please have a look at it, in case of need.

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