Monday, 9 April 2012

CSS: text to path generator with csswarp


Today I would like to share an online tool which some of you might find interesting, at least as an clever example on what we could do with CSS3 and HTML5.
But before showing you this "wonder", I would like to spend a few general words and possibly gather your ideas on the matter.

I've recently read that in 2012 there will be an incredible expansion of HTML5 webapp. The use of the not-so-new HTML version will help developers in building specific applications that will work with recent browsers. For what I have seen lately, the most of those new webapp are basically drawing tools. Canvas, trasformation and animation are wisely used in order to allow free hand drawing using only the browser.
In a perfect future, we might end up without desktop applications, while the web will be the place where everyone can find the right tool, when needed.
It is an old idea that I've partially already encountered in a book by Jeremy Rifkin, in the early 2000. People will eventually use software on-demand and they will just pay for the time they use it. That could be the future... the not so far future, as I can see. Following the reasoning, we might just need a pc with a minimum set of system tools, while when we will need to write a document, prepare a spreadsheet or retouch a photo, we will just open the browser and go to the appropriate web site where the application will be always updated and ready to be used. With that in mind, it won't matter which will be our hardware: it could a smartphone, a tablet or a pc. At the same time, it won't matter where we will be - we will just need a data connection.

Apart from the above digression, as I wrote in the post opening, today we are going to see something really interesting. It might not be specifically a web application, but it can help us in creating text to path with just CSS.
The app is creating the appropriate HTML and styles to create different effects on text.

The Web Thought

The above is just done with HTML and CSS: no image involved. If you don't see anything special, then your browser is not really CSS3 ready.
The CSSWARP app will help you to create the necessary code.
The interface is quite easy to use and I won't explain it to you. Just go there and free your imagination.

That's all for today. Hope you enjoyed it.

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