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When it comes down to profiles, it is always difficult. Who cares about who am I and what I do/did/will do?
If you really want to, here you are!

I started playing with computers when my father gave me a Commodore 64 as Christmas present. That happened when I was 12 and since then I've always had strong curiosity for technology in general.
A big change in life was living in London where I worked as IT expert, even if my expertise was really poor at that time. Anyway, I had the chance to meet real experts and listen, learn and share. In that period I discovered Internet through AOL services. And that was really a turning point! Back from UK, I started playing around with Geocities and I published my first web site (that was in the mid nineties, if memory serves me well).
I actually started to get into programming more than 10 years ago when I got my first job. At the beginning I played a lot with ms Access and generally with VBA, and then my curiosity made me look into, read, learn and apply new programming languages and new technologies.
I developed my first Intranet project in that period.

Today I have a good knowledge on:
  • from ms windows 98 to windows 7 operating systems,
  • ms windows server,
  • ms exchange,
  • ms office (Excel, Word, Access, PowerPoint, Outlook),
  • dynamic web sites development (Flash, asp, css and ajax),
  • VBA, VBScript, JavaScript and Visual Basic,
  • ms Access and ms SQL Server databases,
  • company management web application development.

Apart from that, I am a Quality and Environment Manager. I am a certified Auditor/Lead Auditor for Quality Management Systems with more than 10 year experience in quality management and more than 2 year experience in environmental management for service and production companies.

Both worlds gave me the possibility to have knowledge on:
  • business processes analysis and their interdependence,
  • development, management and automation of statistical indicators for business process analysis,
  • management and control, general and industrial accounting, creation of business plans, forecasts and analysis in order to facilitate corporate strategies.

Bleah! How boring.

Please feel free to contact me and share your thoughts. You can even see my Google+ and my View Marco Del Corno's LinkedIn profileprofiles. The Web Thought has a Google+ Page as well, please add it in your circles.