Monday, 16 April 2012

jQuery, JavaScript & ASP: barcodes resources


Following a brief exchange of thoughts with Carlo (one of the web thought readers), I have decided to publish a list of resources aimed to the creation of Barcodes. Originally, Carlo wanted to insert a barcode in a PDF document using FPDF, however the subroutine he found generates a HTML table that is almost impossible to embed in a PDF with FPDF.
Other solution are possible. The point is to create a Barcode image, save it on the server, and then insert it into the PDF. I haven't explored the above idea, but I think that the following resources might help some to accomplish the task.
Here's the list:

Barcode Coder (jQuery)

jQuery-Barcode (jQuery)

Pure ASP Barcode Generator (pure ASP)

ASP Barcode Script (pure ASP - Thanks to Carlo)

Barcode Generator (JavaScript)

Creating a Code 39 Barcode using HTML, CSS and Javascript (JavaScript)

Javascript Code128 Barcode (JavaScript)

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