Tuesday, 28 August 2012

DocHub: a reference to almost all programming things


Today I would like to share a web site I recently found and which might be of interest for many of you.

The place is called DocHub - Instant Documentation Search and has references to all things in programming CSS, HTML, JavaScript, DOM, JQuery, PHP and Python.
Well, as you can see ASP is not there (while there's PHP and Python) but the resource is really incredible and it is a quick and complete guide to the above programming languages.

The site is made of two panels: the left one allow us to search the wanted term (and it's a free search box), while on the right panel the searched information are made available when selected.
Believe me when I say the database is very well done and it has many valuable information either for the experienced programmer or the newbie.

So... what you're waiting for? Go there and have a look for yourself!

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