Thursday, 9 August 2012

ASP: not installed by default on IIS


As almost all the web thought readers know, I am a long time ASP fan - and as I can see from your comments, many of you feel the same way.
With the most new (!) MS operating systems, when we install IIS, classic ASP is not included by default. We are talking about IIS7.0 and 7.5 here.
Accustomed to having ASP automatically installed, when we see a HTTP 404 error on our browser the first time we browse our beloved ASP web site, we remain completely lost. That happened to me in the past, because I couldn't imagine the real situation behind it.
Is MS trying to put ASP aside? I don't think so, but surely they are trying to promote .NET in any possible way.
Ok. If you don't know how to install classic ASP in IIS and your great .asp pages are not shining in all their glory, here you will find a quick and swift solution.
Follow me...

First of all, we have to determine which operation system we are using. After that, we have to follow a few simple steps accordingly.

Windows Vista and Windows Seven Client
1) Open the control panel;
2) click "Program and Features" and then click "Turn Windows Features on or off";
3) expand "Internet Information Services", then "World Wide Web Services" and "Application Development Features";
4) select "ASP" and "OK".

Window Server 2008
1) Go to "Administrative Tools" and select "Server Manager";
2) expand "Roles" and "Web Server (IIS)";
3) scroll down to "Role Services" and then click on "Add Role Services";
4) a wizard will open and you can select ASP from the "Select Role Services" panel:
5) it might happen that the "Add role services required by ASP" dialog box will appear. In that case just click "Add Required Role Services". (That is the case if you have not already installed the ISAPI Extensions role service on your server.)

Ok folks, that's all for today.
Keep on having a good time (and if you haven't, isn't it time to start?)


  1. And even in Windows Server 2013 Microsoft will support classic ASP.

  2. I have been having no luck in finding an answer to this and maybe you know. I have ASP set up on WIN7, but do you know what you need to do to get an ASP page to work with an ACCESS DB. I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere online. On XP is was so simple, but I am at a complete loss as to how to get an ASP page to connect with an Access DB on WIN7. Any thoughts?

    1. I believe it's done the very same way. Check permissions to MDB folder and search for the right connection string to database (in Google for example). Otherwise create a DSN.

  3. I use this string for WIN7/ASP/ACCESS

    Folder database need read/write permission

    Dim connection_STRING
    connection_STRING = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)};DBQ=C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\[yourwebsite]\database\database.mdb"


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