Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Strange requests for an ICT manager


As you may already know, I have changed job. In my previous position, I was ICT manager and strange requests were ordinary every day.
In this post I will list the strangest and funniest. I believe that all my previous colleagues won't care, and probably will laugh thinking about them. In any case, I don't want to embarrass anyone, so I won't tell who was the person asking and the related company. If anyone thinks differently, please let me know and I will remove the related parts.
Ok, ready? You won't believe what you will read...

I'm now a proud owner of an iPhone 4S. At the time of the facts, I couldn't afford to buy such a great piece of technology. One day, I receive the following two requests:
1) "Where do I put the SIM card?"
2) "How do I make a phone call? The phone hasn't got any keyboard!"

One morning I receive a telephone call:
"Marco please come here, I can't see anything!"
That's strange, isn't it? Maybe the lights were off, or maybe the monitor was only switched off!

After watching a 14 minutes long video...
"Could you please print it for me?"
Ok, let me do some maths... let's say the video had 14 fps... 14 minutes... 2 frames per page... there you go: 5880 printed pages...

One day a colleague called me stating that the Internet Icon was gone. Maybe the icon was fed up, and decided to go away!

This is quite common:
"Please copy the program from the programs folder to my new pc!"
Maybe if you had a Mac?

After looking at some photographs on my pc, the colleague, who was just behind me, asked:
"Can you show me what's behind that building?"
I didn't understand: "What do you mean?"
"Just rotate the image, please..."
AH! Is it that you work too much with 3D software?

MS Word is a mystery for many people. They work with it everyday, but they do not really understand how it works, and what you can do with it...
"Whenever I open a document, some sort of little black keys are all over the page..."
Now, I needed a bit to understand what was meant... Can you guess?

Sending an email and being sure it is received is a great problem for a company sending and receiving thousands of emails every day.
"If I send an email, should the email address in Outlook be underlined?"
We were talking about the "TO" field.

On the same subject:
"I know we are on a black list. Is it the same for the fax? It is always busy..."

Creating and archiving mailboxes was quite an every day work. After creating a new mailbox, I usually wrote an email to all the colleagues:
"I inform you that a new mailbox for XXX has been opened."
After a few minutes I receive an response:
"What's the use for it?"

Working on a web page, where a gif was too small and not as clear as I wanted:
"Can't we just use a PDF?"

As you can see there's a lot here...
In reality there's even a good web site (Clients from hell) where everyone can contribute and publish those kind of strange requests. If the above it's not enough for you, just follow the above link...

Ok, guys and gals... that's all for today.
I hope you had a good laugh... next time we will get back to more serious things...

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