Monday, 9 July 2012

Happy Birthday to the Web Thought!


Today, the web thought is two years old.
It sounds incredible even to me. But here we are.
In the past two years I have published more than 300 posts and I must say I have received a good response from visitors. At the moment the blog has had more then 120.000 pageviews still counting.
I have received many kind email, from people asking for help. Some just said thanks for the articles, some needed help badly (and said thanks afterward!).
Some comments to articles were great (I think about the comments in ASP: why am I still using it? ), some interesting... some difficult to understand (!)

Unfortunately, I cannot put the time I would like to put into the writing of new articles. My new job is quite time consuming, and when I get back at home, my two children drain the last drops of energy from me.

I've had some help from Ben who wrote a great post. But that's not enough...

We can still build a new ASP community, where we can share our experience! But that means I need your help... again...

Anyway. I will put my best efforts into the blog. Despite the job and family obligations.
So let's dive into the web thought third year!

Oh... by the way... A BIG THANK TO ALL OF YOU! Keep on following the web thought!

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