Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Top ten most followed posts


Today I'm going to do a bit of self-promotion.
The following is the top ten of the most viewed posts on the web thought. It was taken from statistics near the end of December.
Maybe you have missed some articles and this is the opportunity of rediscovering them...

  1. CSS: Custom fonts with CSS3 (@font-face) 28 Feb 2011
  2. VBScript: How to check if a file exists on a remote server 15 Sep 2010
  3. ASP: FPDF MultiCell with multiple lines and positioning 25 May 2011
  4. CSS & HTML: nested lists with style 1 Jun 2011
  5. jQuery & JavaScript: Christmas effects 25 Nov 2011
  6. jQuery: random quotes from a txt file 22 Nov 2010
  7. jQuery: enhancing html tables' usage with DataTables plugin 20 Oct 2010
  8. jQuery & JavaScript: Analogue clocks 10 Jan 2011
  9. ASP: Create pdf files with FPDF 11 Oct 2010
  10. CSS: Making background image fit any screen resolution 18 Oct 2010

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