Friday, 13 January 2012

jQuery: loading content while user scrolls (infinite scroll)


There's this new fashion of creating page with infinite scroll. In order to obtain the desired effect, there are some jQuery plug-ins out there.
Here are some.

Load Content While Scrolling With jQuery
"[...]When we are scrolling down a webpage, the code recognizes that you are at the bottom and auto-loads new content."

Lazy Load Plugin for jQuery
"Lazy Load is a jQuery plugin written in JavaScript. It delays loading of images in long web pages. Images outside of viewport (visible part of web page) wont be loaded before user scrolls to them"

Infinite Scroll jQuery Plugin
"This plugin aims to progressively enhance your page. Your navigation/pagination elements should be present in the HTML for non-js users, but the plugin will utilize those links to build out a more rich browsing experience."

jQuery ScrollPagination
"jQuery ScrollPagination plugin has been developed by Anderson Ferminiano for studying purposes, you may use it for free in any project you want, only preserve the credits."

onScrollBeyond and scrollExtend
"There are two plugins encapsulated here – onScrollBeyond, which allows the developer to specify a callback to be run when an element is scrolled beyond (or the end of the document is reached), and scrollExtend, which is simply an implementation of onScrollBeyond that automatically loads new content via ajax when a user scrolls past an element."

Infinite Ajax Scroll, a jQuery plugin
"I am proud to announce my first official open-source jQuery plugin release. Infinite Ajax Scroll is a plugin that turns you existing pagination into an infinite scrolling one, with ease."

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