Wednesday, 14 September 2011

CSS3 and HTML5: Adobe expressive web


I've recently stumbled upon an interesting new web site by Adobe: the expressive web (beta). Launched at the beginning of August, it deals with CSS3 and HTML5 in a new and interesting way.

The site explains in details the new features, in a totally interactive and original way. It uses small coloured cubes, which with effective animations, gather to form shapes, explaining in details the effect of those new features.

The expressive web shows examples, browser support, fall back strategies and resources for CSS3:
  • animations;
  • gradients;
  • media queries;
  • shadows;
  • transforms;
  • transitions;
  • web fonts.
As for HTML5:
  • audio;
  • canvas;
  • forms;
  • video;
  • web storage.

I know it is difficult to imagine, following my explanation, how the site is working. It is definetly better to visit it.

Please remember that the site is still in beta, so it might still have things to be adjusted.

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