Friday, 1 October 2010

jQuery: 5 useful file upload plugins


Following my "ASP: Scripting.FileSystemObject... how to move, copy and delete a file or a folder" post I think that implementing a file management system for example on an Intranet, could be interesting indeed. In the mentioned post, I explained how to manipulate files already uploaded on the server. Now you could ask how to develop an upload system... so here we are.
I gathered 5 interesting jQuery plug-ins that can help us.

Ajax Upload; A file upload script with progress-bar, drag-and-drop

jQuery Multiple File Upload Plugin


Ajax File Upload


I don't think you need further explanations from me. I believe that you can choose the plug-in that best suits your needs by visiting the above sites.

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  1. Hi Marco,

    I want to use a jquery file uploader with ajax.

    url: upload.asp

    I need to create the ASP upload.asp page:

    Collecting form data can be done by Request.Form.

    Where does jquery upload the file. I need to determine to which folder the file can be uploaded. (I believe we can use Scripting.FileSystemObject.) How can I setup a path to the folder?


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