Monday, 27 September 2010

ASP: Scripting.FileSystemObject... how to move, copy and delete a file or a folder


The Scripting.FileSystemObject object is very handy when dealing with files or folders on the server. Imagine to have an asp page displaying the content of a folder, the user will be able to manage the folder and its content quite easily.
The FileSystemObject allow to access all information regarding a file (creation date, size, name and so on) and to execute simple operations on the file itself.
Ok, in this post I will concentrate on move, copy and delete operations, but in the future I plan to explore other methods.

First of all we initialize the object:
   Set FSO= Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Then we set the file we need to manipulate:
Dim file
Dim destinationfile
Dim filepath
Dim destinationfilepath
   filepath = yourfilepath
   destinationfilepath = youdestinationfilepath
   file = Server.MapPath(filepath)
   destinationfile = Server.MapPath(destinationfilepath)
The yourfilepath and  youdestinationfilepath should be something like /fileupload/uploads/763/document1.doc
Now we actually can manipulate the file the way we want.
In order to copy the file, we use:
FSO.CopyFile file, destinationfile, False
The last parameter is set to false if you don't want to overwrite an existing file in destination and true if you want to.
The CopyFolder method will copy the folder and the CreateFolder method will create a new folder.
Dim folder
Dim newfolder
  folder = Server.MapPath("/fileupload/oldfolder/")
  newfolder = Server.MapPath("/fileupload/newfolder/")
   FSO.CreateFolder newfolder
   FSO.CopyFolder folder, newfolder, False
The MoveFile and MoveFolder methods work the same way:
FSO.MoveFile file, destinationfile
FSO.MoveFolder folder, newfolder
The easiest methods (but the most dangerous!) are the DeleteFile and DeleteFolder:
FSO.DeleteFile file
FSO.DeleteFolder folder
In the end of our little piece of code, we set the object to nothing:
Set FSO = Nothing
And that's it.
Just as reminder, in this post we saw:
the Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject") object,
the CopyFile, CopyFolder, MoveFile, MoveFolder, DeleteFile and DeleteFolder methods.
Now start planning your file management system web page.

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