Tuesday, 6 November 2012

JavaScript: dashboards with Drinks Toolkit


Web applications are evolving rapidly. While only a few years ago we just needed to manage basic operation for - as an example - a company's  intranet, today, we are asked to create effective and attractive pages together with complex functionalities.
In order to create efficient dashboards, Drinks Toolkit is a really valuable helping tool.
DrinksIt is a "Web-Based widgets to easily develop control panels and dashboards" and it includes a series of widgets each corresponding to a specific tag.

Drinks is HTML5 powered, using canvas and not needing any Flash.
It uses AJAX to gather data and it is cross browser, as long as the target browser is HTML5 compliant. In terms of simplicity, Drinks is really very easy to use, because in order to insert a widget, we just need to insert the related tag (each widget a tag e.g. <knob>).
Finally it's basically open source, thus free. In fact there are three possible options: the Open Pack which is a "pay what you want (even nothing)" option, the Business Pack for professionals and the Custom Pack (Choose what you need).
Ok, that's all for today. Go to Drinks web page and have a look for yourselves.
See you on thursday!

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