Thursday, 18 October 2012

jQuery: hide and show DOM elements


I've recently talked with a friend of mine about jQuery. I soon realised that some common methods are not so easy to understand, especially for beginners.
That's why I decided to write this short post. We are going to see how to hide and show a DOM element. Not very complicated, but that's what beginners usually start to do the first time they use jQuery. Understanding the following tricks, will simplify the whole understanding of jQuery.
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Hide an element
Each DOM element in a web page can be manipulated by jQuery. Here we are going to hide the chosen element.
Let's say we have a div with id="element":
<div id="element">We are going to play with this element</div>
Now let's hide the above element:
Simple as that.
If we want to completely remove the element we use:
The two methods differ in a deep way: the first is just hiding the element, the second will actually remove the element. In the first case, we can always re-use the element while in the second case we can't.
As a side note: the hide method will just make the element disappear. If we prefer, we can always make the element gradually fadeout. To do so we can use the fadeOut() method.

Show a hidden element
After hiding an element, we can always make it reappear. I'm sure you already guessed how...
Similarly to what I said above, we can always make the element reappear gradually using the fadeIn() method.

Taking the first steps inside jQuery is not that complicated. I suppose that sometimes people are afraid of starting to use a new web tool, just because they think it's difficult or too much complicated.
jQuery is not difficult nor complicated. Starting from the basic can be a good way of understanding something that will really simplify our work a lot.
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