Thursday, 6 September 2012

CSS: Firefox 16 and prefixes


I don't know if you are using Firefox or not, but the following information are quite important to any web developer.
We are talking about some CSS3 properties which are now supported by Firefox with prefixes.

I've already showed a way of removing those annoying prefixes from our code in a specific article, however it seems that the new version of Firefox (the 16th) will get rid of some of them.

According to Paul Rouget (who work at Mozilla) there's an unprefixing work in progress for Firefox 16. Specifically they are going to remove prefixes for:
- CSS3 Animations
- CSS3 Transitions
- CSS3 Transforms
- CSS3 Gradients
- IndexedDB
and probably for calc() as well.

What's in for us, web developer? A possible nightmare if we have been not very careful.
In fact in the near future, the unprefixed properties will be the only one supported by the browser. It means that we are facing a potential complete review of our CSS code. If we forgot to use unprefixed properties, the prefixed ones will not work. And the nightmare is not finished: what about users who don't update their browsers?
We need to consider all possible situation. If in the past we had to use prefixes for Mozilla and for Webkit, now we have to be sure the unprefixed property is there as well.

I'm sure that if you're reading The web thought, you already know how important is to plan your code. And if so, you have already taken into account the possibility of unprefixed properties.
If not, well it's better to start worrying and to start planning a review of your CSS code.

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