Thursday, 28 June 2012

jQuery: the evolution of jQuery


jQuery, the famous JavaScript library, today is a web development standard.
Started in 2005 by John Resig, the library gets to a 1.8 version (still in beta while I write) with many new features. Today jQuery is used by major companies in their web sites, and many web developers include the library in their projects.

It is clear that the library, and its simple way of using it, has really given a valuable helping hand to all of us. While in the past we needed to think and develop complex JavaScript functions, today we can benefit from a ready-made library with so many features we haven't even dreamt of.
Considering the past history of jQuery, its development and growth, I still consider it some sort of miracle.
The library is free and it will stay that way. It simplifies our work and make things easier for every developer.
The number of features over the past 7 or so years has incredibly increased, while a whole new world of aficionados has grown steadily during the last 2/3 years.
The strenght of jQuery lays in its simplicity (and we know that). In my experience, once you understand the basic logic behind it, everything falls in place and using the library becomes easy and straightforward.
And there's more. When jQuery alone can't do what you're looking for, there's a vast number of available plug-ins that are daily developed, published and used. The modularity of jQuery and the possibility of using specific add ons, make the JavaScript library unbeatable.

I said I consider jQuery a miracle. Why?
The library is born out of passion. It was conceived by some JavaScript guru back in 2005, and now - as said - is a web standard. Let me just say that companies like Google, Dell, NetFlix, Mozilla and Wordpress are all using jQuery some way. But even Bank of America, CBS or NBC are using it.
From an obscure basement to the web glory... isn't it a miracle?

If you want to know what I wrote about jQuery in the past, please see here.

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