Friday, 23 December 2011

Web Design: mistakes in big companies websites


Christmas is near, and I know that we all need to rest a bit, without thinking about coding and programming.
That is why, today, I publish a post which might raise our spirits: I'll show you small or big mistakes made by web developers in big companies websites.
That will be fun!
I browsed a lot of websites on November the 25th 2011... all done in one morning. I screen-captured the mistakes while using Firefox 8.0 with a 1280x1024 screen resolution.

I will show you glitches in the following websites (strictly in alphabetical order):
  1. cnn
  2. coca-cola
  3. eBay (Italy)
  4. flickr
  5. google (reader page)
  6. hp
  7. kaspersky
  8. nintendo
  9. philips
  10. twitter
Ready? Enjoy yourself... with a bit of pride, because we know we do not make such mistakes!

The above is a part of the TV box on CNN homepage. Where is the text flowing?

Look at the menu in Coca-Cola homepage... where is "Us" in "Contact Us" going?

This is a bit specific: in eBay Italy homepage, at the bottom, on the left, the Italian flag is going where it shouldn't.

What are those two poor icons (Twitter and Facebook) doing there? They are not on the right, but they are not on the left as well... just there in middle of nowhere...

Google Reader
On the main toolbar of the Google Reader page there are some buttons. Look at the two shown in the picture: can you spot the difference? I bet you do - and it's not the text! It might even be that it was meant like that. One thing for sure: it doesn't look right.

This is the main toolbar, at the top of Hp notebooks page. This is very small and maybe we could forgive who haven't spotted it. Take a close look at the "in" in "Sign in"... why is it going on a new line? We have plenty of space on the right, don't we?

What about the menu on the right hand side. Believe me, it could have been on one line...


Why the new Tintin game has such a long name? Couldn't they choose a shorter title?

Can you read what Philips wants us to know about their TV set?

Twitter has too many language options! They can't stay on one line, but surely could be styled better!

Ok, folks, I hope you enjoyed the post and I hope you had the possibility of boosting your web developer ego a bit.
Have a nice day!


  1. Thank you George, even if I suspect you're only advertising your company... aren't you? ;-)


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