Monday, 20 June 2011

Web Design: resizeMyBrowser


When building web sites, one of the most important things we must deal with nowadays is the target screen size. I have published different articles on the subject, but everytime I think about it and search on the web, I find different tools to check if I've done things right. With the explosion of handheld devices, the screen size has become a more important matter, and what we see on our beloved widescreen monitor is just not enough to evaluate how visitors will look at our web site.
There is one tool I would like to suggest; a tool conceived to help us in that evaluation.

resizeMyBrowser is a simple tool that will resize your browser window according to different standards like the iPhone 3G/3GS screen size (320x480 or 480x320), iPhone 4 (640x960 or 960x640), iPad and so on. In addition to the available presets, there's the possibility to create custom presets.

The testing is done quite accurately, and there's the possibility to see the result considering the outer window (including toolbars) or considering the inner window (the interior of the browser window).

If you use Firefox and the Web Developer toolbar, you would probably don't need this, but I think that an additional testing tool is always welcomed.

Happy coding to all of you!


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