Friday, 4 February 2011

jQuery Tools: The missing UI library for the web


Today I would like to share a incredibly rich site, where jQuery is used to create useful and ready made tools. The place is:

As the web site home page states, "jQuery Tools is a collection of the most important user-interface components for modern websites. Used by large site all over the world."
Specifically the UI library offers solution for:
1) Tabs (horizontal tabs and accordions);
2) Tooltips (big or small);
3) Overlay (modal dialogs and slideshows);
4) Scrollable (any size and shape, with infinite loops);
5) Forms (validation, range and date inputs);
6) Toolbox (a collection of small snippets for different use).

As you can see there's a lot here!
Every tool has its own demo page and documentation where live example are shown. When you find the needed solution, you can download the appropriate library, building a custom set of tools. That means you do not have to include a huge file in your pages, but just what it is really necessary.

Go and have a look. You won't regret.

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