Monday, 1 November 2010

Blog Ranking (part 3)


As I said before, blog ranking or - as I like to better define the concept - blog awareness is like a never ending battle. Despite the fact that articles are posted constantly and the content is good and interesting, blog ranking might still be (very) low.
After exchanging opinions with different people (especially marketing gurus, which I must admit I don't trust much), I do believe that there are good ways of increasing a blog traffic by spreading the word through the so-called social networks (like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn) as those gurus point out. I do believe that placing your link in your Facebook profile (for example) will increase your blog traffic, but is it what you're really looking for?

Let's try to imagine a blog about dogs (it is just an example and I believe there are plenty of blogs about pet care and related stuff). If you want to promote it, the fastest way seems to be promoting it through social networks. It is quite easy to forecast that doing so you will draw traffic to the blog regardless the real interests of people reading your Facebook profile. The blog hits and visits will increase - probably - very quickly. And probably - apart from friends and relatives - a small percentage of visitors will be really interested in the blog's content. In the given example, isn't it clear that it is better to have 3 visitors who are pet owners that 300 visitors who are not? I understand that numbers are numbers! If the blog has many visitors, among them there will be a fairly good chance of having really interested individuals. That is true. But again, is it what you're really looking for? If so, please publish links everywhere!

That is what is usually happening in blog's comments sections. In the last month I visited lot of blogs that might be considered "near" to mine in terms of contents. Related and respected blogs might be used as a good place where to put links to articles in your blog. I've sometimes left a comment in such blogs. I've read the other comments and I soon understood that almost always the comment is left just to promote another blog. It is the old link exchange law, which is still quite important (especially for search engines like Google). Fair enough. Do leave your link, promote your blog through meaningless comments poured like rain everywhere, if you like. Unfortunately (probably for me!), that is not how I want to promote my blog.
What I suggest is to exchange links in a smart way. Connecting to related blogs and sites is useful, but do it when there is really a relationship and a mutual advantage. I did it and it worked.

In The Web Thought you will find useful stuff (that is my intent!). No fake traffic! I want really interested people here. People who can really improve what I say. People who can really leave a mark, not a meaningless and useless comment. I do prefer to have 0 thoughts everywhere!
If you haven't noticed yet, this is a tech blog. Here - even if I do publish not-so-technical articles sometimes - we use technology to serve imagination. I don't like tricks, and I believe that in the end people will appreciate that. If it will be proved that I am wrong, well I don't care. I don't want to make money here. This is not my job. And as long as I enjoy it, I will continue to publish articles.
Call me stupid, or unprofessional (as someone did), but this is my place, like it or not!

Please do leave a real comment below. I'd really appreciate your thoughts!

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By the way, the below charts rapresents how the visits to The Web Thought have increased from the beginning. Isn't it fairly good?


  1. Ciao Marco,

    Ecco un articolo che forse sara utile per lei:


  2. Thank you Chris, I will surely look into it!


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