Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Too many blogs...

    Location: Castiglione della Pescaia GR, Italia

I am on vacation. I arrived on Saturday and the first thing I heard was a big noise coming from the top of trees. You should understand that I hired this little mobile house in a big camping place. I am on the coast of Toscana and the place is deep inside a big pine forest. As I am writing now, the noise is still there. I must say that nature is incredible and that staying far from technology for a while is not that bad! I have my little web book, an internet connection, my favourite applications and a remote connection to the servers back at work. But who cares? The noise is still there. And what about it? It is very high – at the beginning. So high that it is almost unbearable, then – as time goes by – you stop hearing it. The noise is made by the friction of cicada’s wings. If the sun is shining, if it’s daytime the cicadas are probably only thinking about sex and so they are trying to find someone to do it with. AH! When I first thought about it, something clear came to my mind: one voice alone is surely not heard, many voices together are surely very noisy but after a while you stop noticing them. A little number of blogs, forums, info sites might be interesting and might be worth reading. Too many blogs might be lost in oblivion.

Well, my friends. This is only to make you aware of the fact that I am on vacation. I will probably write more during this period, but we will most likely leave tech things alone for a while.

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