Friday, 9 July 2010

Ok... let's start!


Test for Echo! Is there anybody out there listening?


I don't think so. Anyway, this is the beginning of a new adventure.
Why is this? Possibly because I'm bored to death, it is summer and I need something new.

The purpose? Share, share, share.

Since the mid nineties when I've started to explore the web, I've found helpful and enlightening the almost-infinite source of information which is the world wide web. A lot of people helped me in getting to know more and more, to develop web sites and applications... and all of them are unaware of it. I have used and still use the web as a source of info, used it for my purposes and that's it - no giving back!

Now it is time for a change. I feel the need to share what I think about it and maybe give my share of help to other people (who might be starting only today to use the web as I use it).

And I will do it in English (even if that is not my mother tongue) and please bear that in mind when I make a mistake. Be merciful...


Where do I begin?

Well, from here.

There you go, my first post. And it wasn't that difficult...Test for Echo! Is there anybody out there listening?


  1. Hi Marco,

    I was reading your first post..interesting..Finally someone who talks and publish about ASP, VB, SQL server. There are so many sites about PHP and MySQL an less about ASP. Thanks

  2. Thanks! I totally agree with what you're writing. They are all talking about PHP and MySQL! Here you won't find anything about it :-)


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